Benevento 1-2 Sassuolo: 0 points from 13 games after stupid mistakes!

Benevento remained without a point 13 games into the season after a 2-1 loss to Sassuolo at home.Their attempt to pass the ball in their own box backfired as a misplaced pass gave Matri an easy goal. Benenvento did pull a goal back, but it was probably on accident when a stray shot that was going wide accidentally hit Armenteros and bounced into the net.It still wasn't enough though, as Benevento conceded a penalty from a needless handball, only for Berardi to miss it. Determined to lose, Letizia was then sent off for hauling down Ragusa. With the extra man, Sassuolo finally scored in stoppage time via Peluso's goal.

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